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Applied Behavior Analysis


Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA Therapy, is a scientifically validated method of teaching, managing, and reducing behaviors. ABA uses an approach that focuses on understanding behaviors and how those behaviors are affected by the environment.  A BCBA, or Board Certified Behavior Analyst, is an individual who has been certified to implement and oversee ABA therapy. This certification is recognized worldwide and is the gold standard in the field for professionals.

ABA covers a very large umbrella of different types of teaching procedures to implement the principles across a variety of different environments. ABA focuses on three main components: antecedent, behavior, and consequence. An antecedent is an event that occurs right before a behavior.  A behavior is the response, (or lack of in some cases), and the consequence is an event that occurs immediately after the response with the intention of increasing or decreasing the likelihood of the behavior occurring in the future. There are several different approaches that are used to address behaviors in the field of ABA. These approaches include Pivotal Response Teaching, Discrete Trial Training, Verbal Behavior, and Natural Environment Teaching.

Verbal Behavior is an approach to teaching communication using the principles of ABA in addition to the work of B.F. Skinner. The method behind verbal behavior is to teach language based on this function. Verbal Behavior has shown to be highly successful in children with autism when combined with other therapy approaches such as Discrete Trial Training.

Discrete Trial Training, or DTT, focuses on teaching a skill in structured, simple steps. As opposed to teaching a large complex skill as one large task the skill is broken down and taught separately and then built upon.

Pivotal Response Treatment is an evidence-based treatment that is frequently used for children with autism. The focus of this approach was to increase “pivotal” skills a child would need to be successful. Those areas include motivation, responding to multiple cues, and initiating social interactions. Pivotal Response Treatment is a large part of the Early Start Denver Model approach that is implemented at The Missing Peace.


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Pivotal Response Treatment

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Natural Environment Training

Discrete Trial Training (DTT) Therapy in Keller, TX

Natural Environment Training is an ABA approach in which teaching trials happen within the natural environment, such as when playing, at the dinner table, or while at the store. This approach focuses on a child’s immediate interests and activities and uses those motivations to guide the teaching session.

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