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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Held for The Missing Peace

The Missing Peace, a therapy center for pediatric patients with autism and other developmental disorders, recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony. The event

Dan Marino Helping Those with Autism Spectrum Disorders


Former NFL star quarterback Dan Marino and his wife Claire experienced a parents' nightmare

The goal of The Missing Peace is to provide a safe, therapeutic, Christ-focused encompassment for pediatric-aged children with autism and other developmental disabilities. We incorporate an innovative, therapeutic environment where children are encouraged to develop at their own pace. We are dedicated to the families we serve in standing by our strong commitment of faith, and offering hope and peace to those we impact .

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Frequently Asked Question on Autism

Find answers to your questions about autism

Developmental Disabilities Therapy in Keller, TX


Having a child with developmental disabilities comes with a wide range of challenges and we understand the difficulties many caregivers face each day when taking steps to improve their child’s quality of life. Missing Peace Autism Therapy Center provides developmental disabilities therapy in Keller, TX for children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Our autism therapy center is here to help improve the quality of life for the children in our community by providing the autism treatment and therapy for autism they need to become thriving, well-rounded individuals.


Gaining Confidence and Empowerment With Therapy


Developmental delays can range from a minor setback to severe and consistent problems. Our goal is to help each child develop the behavior and skills necessary for them to take the first critical steps toward a more rewarding and fulfilling life style. Between our autism training and ABA therapy services, your child will gain personal confidence, be empowered to make choices and be able to fully participate in their academic and social endeavors.


ABA Therapy


The Missing Peace Autism Therapy Center offers ABA therapy (applied behavioral analysis), which is a type of behavior therapy that combines psychological and educational techniques tailored specifically for your child to alter their behaviors. This type of therapy has been proven as one of the best methods for treating behavior deficits of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder at any level. Our behavior therapist has earned the ABA Therapy Certification and is goal oriented to help your child increase their skills in play, language and socialization, while at the same time decreasing disruptive behaviors that may interfere with their learning. The results of ABA therapy are profound and many of the children who come to us are able to significantly reduce or eliminate their ritualistic and/or self-injurious behaviors.


Please contact The Missing Peace Autism Therapy Center in Keller, TX to learn about how development disabilities therapy can be beneficial for your child with autism or other developmental disabilities.

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