This morning, B was telling his younger brother how Jesus is his savior and his hero, and that he learned at school that He died for their sins. After 3 days the angel moved the big stone and He was alive! Thank y’all for being his school, his extended church and family! We pray for y’all often and are so gratful for everyones hard work and passion.


Take a look at what our families are saying about The Missing Peace!


We couldn't be more pleased with The Missing Peace and their outstanding staff! Our son LOVES to come to therapy, and asks to go even when he doesn't have therapy after school.  These ladies have been pivotal in our son's success, and are like family to us.  They go above and beyond to help children and families overcome difficult obstacles encountered with developmental difficulties.  There is no guidebook on what you should do or where you should go, but the staff at The Missing Peace can help you find your way when you feel lost and alone.  I assure you that early intervention is key, and you will absolutely be pleased with the level of care you will receive at The Missing Peace.


Thanks again for all you guys do for us


Kristen R

The Missing Peace has been our saving grace. We are so blessed they have been put in our path. Our journey with an autistic toddler began over a year ago. The unfamiliarity, uncertainty, and unanswered questions hit suddenly. Before we discovered The Missing Peace, our daughter received home therapy with limited success. In her first week of attendance at The Missing Peace, she began independently eating with a fork and spoon. Previously, she had great difficulty with this task. By the end of her first month, she had increased her desire and ability to communicate her wants and needs. Her screams and tantrums have become less frequent and she now points at desired items or activities. She had a vocabulary of seven words when she started at The Missing Peace. She now attempts to combine words like “My baby” during playtime and “good job” after an accomplishment. Our entire family has noticed the dramatic change in her attention span; she has started to participate and imitate during playtime and sing-a-longs. Most importantly, she now actively engages in social interaction with other children and makes new friends. We were very fortunate to hear about The Missing Peace early on in our journey. With their team’s help she has improved tremendously in only two short months.  We now have profound hope for what she will be able to accomplish in her life. We are extremely blessed to have experienced the amount of love and support that their whole team has shown our family. From the bottom of our hearts, we are truly amazed and beyond thankful!



Words cannot express my gratitude to the Missing Peace for your assistance to me and for your care, education, and encouragement for my son.


My son was diagnosed with severe autism at 3. He was put in the public education system with scheduled occupational and speech therapy. He was in a classroom ranging from 2 to 23 students. The teachers and aides knew my son, but were never really able to just focus on my son and his needs. We struggled with poor communication and, due to lack of cooperation from the school system, there were many days he didn’t eat lunch. Or, because of behaviors so often found in children with autism, he would be isolated from the other children during lunch time. I often felt like we were all just going through the motions and nothing was ever going to change or truly help my son. In four years, my son had made very little improvement and, at the age of seven, he was still mostly nonverbal and not potty trained.


The Missing Peace has truly been a God send to my family! In a very short amount of time, my son is becoming potty trained and more verbal. He is more compliant with behaviors and seems more interested in what is going on around him. The therapists at the Missing Peace are absolutely amazing! They are all very caring and compassionate people. They work one on one with my son and truly focus on him and his needs. He is able to eat what he likes now and have hot meals thanks to the therapist helping him heat his lunch up. Also, instead of isolating him during meal time, the therapists work with him to learn which boundaries not to cross. I receive almost constant communication and feedback from the therapists. I have never felt this comfortable leaving my son with anyone before. They treat my son as he is one of their own family members and he truly loves each of them. I can see daily his enthusiasm to be a part of the Missing Peace. I have never seen my son so happy and comfortable in an environment that wasn’t his home.


The Missing Peace has gone above and beyond what I had come to expect from therapy and education for my son. I am very grateful for this opportunity for my son and, for the first time in a very long time, I have hope again for my son. I would recommend the Missing Peace to anyone who has struggled with the challenges of therapy and education for their child with autism.



We have been so blessed to have become a part of the Missing Peace Family. Beginning from my initial meeting with TMP staff I felt informed, valued, and pleased that they would be the “right fit” for my family and our needs. Megan always responds to emails or the “Hippa Chat” whenever I have any questions or concerns and I just love getting pictures throughout the day displaying how hard my daughter is working. 


In three months I have already seen so much progress in my daughter’s verbal and developmental behavior. My daughter’s verbal words has increased, she approximates words on demand, and she is more engaged with us at home. She can wave and say “bye, bye”, point, and now loves to sing her ABCs, Bingo, and other childhood favorites.


The staff at TMP care about their clients and I love that my daughter looks forward to going to therapy every day! I recommend TMP to any family in search of an ABA service that is dedicated to helping children, supporting families, and offering hope to parents like me.



TMP has been a breath of fresh air!  Their knowledge and approach to ABA is amazing and they are all willing to take the time to talk to me about my child’s day.  I discuss things I see and my concerns I may have about my child and they are readily willing to include that into my child’s plan and work on any issues as they arise.  The staff seems fully engaged and my child absolutely loves attending!  He is thriving in this environment and I am confident they will prepare him to the best of their ability on the transition to Kindergarten in the fall.  I am extremely pleased with TMP and the ABA services they provide!



My son was the very first client at The Missing Peace. I had the privilege of knowing both of the owners, Beth Worman and Megan Haupert, for well over a year before they opened their center. I had the benefit of knowing them both professionally, and feel blessed that they have grown to be friends as well as my son's therapists.


My son began therapy with Megan a few months after his 3rd birthday.  Under her oversight, with the help of a great team of therapists, he has gone from being almost non-verbal and socially unaware and uninterested in others, to a talkative, energetic, loving little boy who will talk to almost anyone and loves to play games with his friends.  This fall he will enter Kindergarten with neuro-typical peers, supported in the transition by Megan and Beth's staff. I know that he will be successful because I have seen first-hand how they gear everything they do to prepare our kids for success.  They see what he CAN do, and build from there to challenge him and help him progress even more.


One of my son's favorite places in this world is The Missing Peace, which he lovingly called "Ms Megan's house" for the first several months.  Because to him, it felt like a home...and that was because Beth and Megan intentionally  create an environment that makes you feel comfortable, at-ease and confident that your child will be loved and cared for while they are receiving vital treatment to help them reach their potential.  For those of us with children on the spectrum, it is literally a peace that is difficult to find as we navigate our new normal.


Their dedication to our children comes from the sincerest place in their hearts and it is why they literally celebrate our milestones with us.  Megan attended my son's pre-school graduation last Spring, because she is just as invested and proud of his success as we are.  Beth and her team work tirelessly to bring special celebrations to The Missing Peace, including organizing a family day at the zoo, where our kids were supported by their therapists so they could enjoy a "typical" day out in our community.  They continually go above and beyond to support our kids, both in and out of treatment.


I cannot say enough good things about both of these ladies and The Missing Peace.  They have literally been a game-changer for my son and for our family.  If you are on the short list of clients at The Missing Peace than you have the best advocates and therapists on your child's team to help your child reach their full potential.  



Because I am super on top of things it will be Christmas in March!  I wanted to thank you all for all that you do at The Missing Peace.  My son started last June and I don’t think I have ever really taken the opportunity to tell all of you how much I appreciate all that you do.  For me, the hardest part about my son being diagnosed with autism was coming to terms with the fact that I couldn’t do this alone.  I knew that I would have to get other people involved and trust that they would take care of him and love him as much as I do.  I don’t think I could ever explain to you how scary that was for me.  I am most definitely a control freak and in the beginning, dropping off my entire world at a place I didn’t really know to a group of people I didn’t really know was extremely difficult.  I felt like every day I did it, I should have received some sort of awardJ.  Day by day things got better.  You were so kind to me and told me stories about his day, I got little pictures and videos.

Every moment you spend thinking of fun things for the kids (train box, elf on the shelf, crafts), every time you come to work even when you’re not feeling great, the times that you are just as excited as I am that My son has done something he previously hasn’t been able to do.  I want you to know that I see you and every day I am so incredibly grateful.  Even if you have never worked with my son, your smile and your energy is something that I don’t take for granted.  Things that probably don’t seem like not much to all of you, I want you to know, it means the world to me.  So I THANK YOU!!  Every single one of you and even though pizza is sort of a cheesy way to thank you (get it! LOL),  I want you all to know that there is not a day that goes by that I don’t fight the urge to give you all a hug.J


Love, JA


Megan, thank you for coming and presenting very useful and informative information. We loved your fun-filled spirit, your heart on the matter, and enthusiasm. Presentation was insightful and the hands-on activities let us experience what kids with unique skills experience and their frustrations. Very eye opening! May the Lord continue to lead and guide you and your business.


Megan is passionate about working with autistic children and that enthusiasm for these children really shined all through her presentation. She was extremely knowledgeable and open to questions, provided hands on activities for teachers to participate in, and then provided valuable feedback and resources for all to implement immediately in their classrooms. I received many positive comments on Monday and Tuesday from the teachers about how informative the training was and how much they enjoyed it.

Pebbles Preschool